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  • 2nd Technical Meeting in Hvalsoe (Denmark) Recently, the second technical meeting of TECHeese project was held in the city of Hvalsoe, Denmark on August 24th. Between participants were members of InnospeXion Apps, Ropam, Transylvania University, Sassari University and the UCLM both as project coordinator as RTD party.  More »

  • The Fifteenth General Meeting of EUROPAM The fifteenth meeting of the general assembly of the European Herb Growers Association (EUROPAM) was celebrated in Cuneo, Italy on 1st and 4th of July 2010. The event was held in Savigliano city, located in the remarkable region of Piedmont (the most important area for aromatic plants).  More »

  • The 6th Month Meeting of TECHeese Project The sixth month meeting of the TECHeese Project was celebrated in the Faculty of Food and Tourism, Transylvania University of Brasov (Romania) on 27th and 28th of May 2010. The meeting was celebrated conjointly with the BIOATLAS Congress, an International Symposium considering topics such as agriculture, food, landscape management and tourism, between others.  More »

  • The Consorcio Manchego explain the importance of TECHeese Project The Consorcio Manchego, to which AGRAMA belongs, has published in the last number of its official journal, news explaining the importance of the TECHeese Project for the livestock sector within the region.  More »

  • 1st Technical Meeting of TECHeese Project The first Technical Meeting of TECHeese Project was celebrated in the University of Studies of Sassari (UNISS) on 18 March 2010. The four research groups involved in the Project met on Sassari (Italy) to discuss several aspects related to the extraction procedure of aromatic plants, the analysis of the nutritional value of them, the X-ray technology requirements and the cheese specifications characteristics.  More »

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