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Fech - 2010/11 - Techeese

  • World Cheese Awards 2010: The Largest Cheese Competition in the World For over 20 years the World Cheese Awards has been bringing together buyers and sellers from the dairy industry worldwide. It's the largest cheese competition in the world and takes an entire day to judge, making this a place to do real business too.  More »

  • Annual Meeting in Sassari (Italy) The Annual meeting was held at the University of Sassari on 26-27th November. Mr Antonello Cannas, Professor at the Sassari University and responsible of the team of UNISS RTD welcomed to the gathering. The Meeting which began in zootecnich department of these University, focused on the progress made ​​after one year with the X-ray inspection system. In this workshop image of the prototypes for the x-ray system was showed and the different parts of the mechanism was explained.  More »

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