The Annual meeting was held at the University of Sassari on 26-27th November. Mr Antonello Cannas, Professor at the Sassari University and responsible of the team of UNISS RTD welcomed to the gathering. The Meeting which began in zootecnich department of the University, focused on the progress made ​​after one year of TECHeese kick off with the X-ray inspection system. In this workshop image of the prototypes for the X-ray system was showed and the different parts of the mechanism was explained. Prof. Antonello Cannas explained the tecnichal progress in the second part of the meeting  made ​​reference to the digestibility of aromatics plants in general.

The second day, attendance was carried a guided technical tour into the cheese factory by ex-president of FIORE, Mr. Salvatore Bussu, where attendees were able to learn the manufacture techniques of Fiore cheese.