The IDF International Symposium on Sheep, Goat and other non-Cow Milk was held recently in Athens ( This symposium is the central element of the IDF Dairy Science and Technology Week 2011, which also comprises several IDF business meetings of the IDF Science and Programme Coordination Committee and IDF Standing Committees, including the IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Science and Technology and the IDF Standing Committee on Animal Health, and Action Teams.

Objectives of the Symposium:

The overall objective of the Symposium is to provide a renewed vision of knowledge on husbandry and milk production, technology, chemistry, physics, microbiology and nutrition and to highlight the significance of markets and appropriate policies as they have evolved since 2007. The event is addressed to scientists and other professionals involved in the sheep’s, goats’ and other non-cows’ dairy sectors including milk producers, dairy processing industry, trade associations, academia, research institutes, and governments.

Create an opportunity to exchange ideas and strengthen existing links between countries involved with sheep’s, goats’ and other non-cows’ dairy production, between international organizations and institutes concerned with production, processing and nutritional qualities of sheep’s, goats’ and other non-cows’ milk products.

Enhance contact and communication between scientists and technologists, producers and manufacturers, nutritionists and analysts.

Stimulate improvement in the quality of the raw materials and the products and promote the expansion of existing and development of new markets.

Improve knowledge of the requirements of international markets concerning quality, safety, regulations and economics to assist the sectors to achieve these outcomes.