Being aware of the high and increasing significance of  herbal products, especially phytochemicals for the benefit   of animals, the scientific and organizing committee kindly invites to participate actively, in the HERBAN 2011 (Herbal Products in Animal Health and Nutririon) symposium to discuss the most recent scientific results.

The International Symposium will be held between 9-10 September in Antalya, Turkey.

The last two decades have seen a substantial increase in the use of herbs and herbal products in animal health care and nutrition. On the other side, the sometimes excessive use of in-feed antibiotics, growth hormones and some synthetic drugs has raised public awareness and changed consumer's preferences to more natural approaches. In Europe, this resulted inter alias in a ban of antibiotic growth promoters and stronger regulations concerning feed additives and veterinary medicinal products. Essential oils, but also by-products of the herbal industry are widely used as substitutes. In Latin America, (South) Africa and especially Asia, an obvious increase in research activities in ethno-veterinary medicine can be observed in recent years.

HERBAN will deal with a number of relevant topics presented by most reputed scientists in the field. In addition, the conference is open for highly relevant contributions, to be presented either orally or as poster.

For complete information to participate in this conference, click following link: