The 59th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research will be held between 4-9 September 2011 in Antalya, Turkey. This congress series has been organized annually in Europe since 1953 in order    to stimulate cooperation among scientists of the world for the advancements of research and development into the science of phytomedicine, medicinal and aromatic plants and their products.

The importance of the 59th GA Congress is that it is organized for  the first time in Turkey where was written one of the first herbals, "De Materia Medica" by the famous doctor Dioscorides of Anavarza. Anavarza, the birthplace of Dioscorides is not far from Antalya.

The congress is expected to attract global attention in the International Year of Chemistry of the United Nations proceeded by the 42nd International Symposium of Essential Oils (ISEO 2011, in the following week in the same venue. This will give most of the participants a feast of natural products chemistry for two weeks in early September, 2011 at an excellent venue where business and leisure can be combined for pleasure and satisfaction.

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