Another public presentation of the TECHeese project was offered on the Fisrt Technical Meeting 18th March 2010, Sassari) where the Coordinator (Ms. Isabel Berruga) and the head of each RTD explained to the researchers, university students, and the local press the main objectives of the project. This event was attended with the intervention of the Rector of the University of Sassari (Dr. Attilio Mastino), the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture (Dr. Pietro Luciano), the Chair of the Department of of Zootechnic Sciences (Dr. Giuseppe Pulina) and the responsible within University of Sassari of the VII Framework Program (Dr. Sergio Leda). Each RTD has also presented their corresponding organism to the press media.

The program of the event was posted in the main page of the website of the University of Sassari (

Some days after the Symposium one newspapers of Sardinia (La Nuova Sardegna, 60 000 copies sold every day) dedicated half page (in Italian) to described the event (“L’Università di Sassari nel progetto europeo per la tutela del Fiore Sardo”, 22/03/2010).